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Nominations accepted June 1 through July 31

By participating in the nomination process, you help your colleagues and advance SPR's mission to create a multi-disciplinary network of diverse researchers to improve child health.

Please follow the nomination process below for a successful online submission:


  • NEW THIS YEAR: Easier nomination process for the Nominator.

  • Use your SPR Member Center email and password.

  • Enter the name, email, and SPR membership status for the seconding member.

  • Upload your Nomination Letter and Seconding Member's Nomination Letter.

  • Enter the Nominee's First Name, Last Name, and Email address.

  • The nominee will automatically be emailed to submit their portion of the nomination. Please nominate early so nominee will have time to provide their information by the July 31 deadline.


Nominee's personal information

  • Name, Degree(s), Academic Title, Email, Department, Institution, Preferred Mailing Address, Office Phone, Cell Phone

  • Preferred Professional Profile (URL)

  • ORCID #

  • DOB, Gender/Gender Pronouns, Disability, First Generation College Graduate, Race/Ethnicity

  • Social Media accounts

  • Regional Society Memberships


  • Clinical Specialty, Research Areas, Research Type, Research Methods/Study Design

Headshot Photo

  • Portrait image should be at least 640×800 pixels (2.133 inches wide by 2.667 inches high at 300 DPI) and can be JPG, TIF, or PNG.

Short Summary of yourself and your research

Fellowship Training

  • Provide Fellowship completion date & institution (if applicable).

  • Fellowship preceptor letter of support if you are currently at the same institution and if your fellowship preceptor is not your nominator or seconder. The letter should be on letterhead with preceptor's signature and should describe your research independence and leadership.


  • List of school, dates and degree(s).

Professional Activity

  • Provide dates of each position.

Research Support

  • Title, source and dates of peer-reviewed research support on which nominee is principal investigator within the last three years.


  • Divided into subgroups with the most recent citation appearing last. The order of authors must be the same as those in the original article. Asterisk (*) the paper(s) that best meets SPR membership requirements.

    • Original articles in peer-reviewed journals in the last three years.

    • My NCBI (url link).

    • Articles accepted for publication or in press. A letter from the publisher is required and must be included.

    • Reprints - 1 to 5 publications considered to be your most representative scientific publication(s).  Preprints of articles are permitted if accompanied by a letter of acceptance for publication from the journal.


Additional Letters of Support

When appropriate the following should be included:

  • A separate letter of support from a member of the collaborative research group that outlines the nominee's independent contributions.

  • A separate letter from the nominee’s research mentor or fellowship director that describes the nominee’s independent contribution to the original research.

  • Individuals within or outside an individual’s institution can provide letters of support. Of note, peers of the individual who are SPR members in good standing can also provide letters of support.

Other Information

  • Clarify any significant interruptions in career or other issues pertinent to review of membership nomination.

Department Chair

  • Nominee to provide Primary Department Chair's name and contact information.

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